IF you try calling DLLR, they are overwhelmed with calls. If no one is available they no longer put you in queue, the recording will tell you to call again and disconnect. Read and keep every correspondence the DLLR sends you. Send the ones back that ask you too. I keep mine in a file.

After you are set up (see below Step 1 and Step 2), the weekly process will be: a) update Maaryland Workforce Exchange (once it is required) with your job searches from the previous week; 2) file your weekly claim. I do this on Sunday, my payment posts Tuesday.

It takes about 3 weeks, from your first approved payment, until you will have what you need to get paid. This includes someone approving your claim, and you’re receiving a prepaid Bank of America Debit/Credit VISA card. Payments will accrue on the card. If there was an approval delay, they will mail a check with back pay, all future payments will post to the card. 

Maryland Department of Labor: Division of Unemployment Insurance: General Information


Initial Setup steps:

1. Maryland Department of Labor Claim Portal (Current system has a Queue control in place as of 4/27/20)

There is the portal to both file your intital application plus file your weekly claim.You will have to return here weekly to file your claim to be paid for the previous week of unemployment.


2. Maryland Workforce Exchange:

Starting the week of 3/20 Maryland waived having to submit a job search. The requirement is currently extended to stay in effect until 30 days past cessation of the state of emergency. See additonal notes on my Job Search page on how to keep your Job Search Log up to date. 

I recommend registering on MWE right away and set up your account. You can work on getting your resume in place and see how the site works. If you do apply for a job, you would use the Work Search Long here to document it. Eventually you will be required to submit a minimum of three (3) job applications a week to continue to receive weekly claim benefits.

When you receive the prepaid Bank of America card there will be instructions on how to register and access it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using the website. It is slow but the best option. The mobile App is terrible and needs a seperate account to be registered, decide for yourself. You will be able to use the card as a Visa or Debit card. You can also set up an ACH process for manual or automatic transfers. Those can take a few business days to post at your bank. 



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